Pupil Dilation with eye drops

Occasionally during the course of your eye examination we may recommend that we put drops in your eyes to dilate (enlarge) the pupils. This is usually because we need to get a better view of the inside of the eye, particularly the outer parts of the retina. Often special additional instruments will be used when the pupils are enlarged which enable us to get a better (sometimes 3D) view of the inside of your eyes.

Pupil dilation is also sometimes used to help take better photographs if you need to have retinal photography, and is usually also used if you are suffering from sudden flashes and floaters, or if you have certain other unexplained symptoms.

It may also be recommended if you happen to have rather small pupils, or cataracts which make it difficult to get a good view inside the eye.

The drops used to dilate your pupils may leave your vision a little blurry for a while afterwards. If this is likely, we will advise you accordingly and probably suggest that you do not drive afterwards. If this inconvenient, we may suggest that you return on another day to have the drops.