Ophthalmic Lenses

At Belson and Sons, no prescription is too complicated to be made up and dispensed. We actually thrive on dispensing the best possible lenses regardless of whether your prescription is fairly standard or really complex. We can offer choices to suit all budgets:

Single Vision Lenses are dispensed for prescriptions that do not need an additional power added for close work.

Multifocal Lenses are dispensed when one pair of spectacles can no longer provide you with clear vision at all distances. You have a choice of bifocal lenses, with a visible line on the lens, or varifocal lenses which have no visible line, but gradually change in power as the eyes move down the lens.

Photochromic Lenses are able to darken and lighten according to UV and light exposure, ie in bright sunlight. There is even a variation available now that will darken behind a car windscreen, and darkens better in hot temperatures. There is also considerable evidence now that
children would benefit from wearing photochromic lenses to protect their eyes from
increasing levels of UV radiation, which may help to prevent cataracts and macular
disease in later life..

Lens Materials. All lenses are available in both plastic, safety plastic and glass. Higher density materials are also available to produce thinner and lighter lenses for those with higher prescriptions.

Anti-reflection and Hard Coatings can be applied to most lenses to prevent uncomfortable glare that can be experienced when using computer screens, overhead fluorescent lights, and particularly oncoming car head lights at night. As plastic lenses are softer than glass, a hard coat is recommended to help prevent the lighter, everyday scratches that can build up. However, nothing is completely scratch-proof.