Computerised Visual Field Assessment (Peripheral Vision Test)

You may be advised to have this test if we are concerned that your peripheral vision might have been damaged. This is especially important if you have a family history of glaucoma, if you have had a stroke, or if you have unexplained headaches.

The test is carried out using computerised equipment called a Visual Field Analyser or Visual Field Screener. You are usually given a small handset on which there is a button. You look into the instrument, usually with one eye covered up, and simply press the button every time you see a flash of light.

The results are analysed by computer and can be monitored over a period of time to detect slight changes in your eyes' performance. Results can also be emailed securely to colleagues, or to hospital eye departments as part of a referral process if necessary.

A very basic visual field test may be included in a standard eye examination. If Computerised Visual Field Assessment is required there will normally be a fee for this service.